Bio-Oil rebrand, global packaging roll out and introduction of brand extension - Bio Oil Dry Skin Gel. Completed at Union Swiss, in Creative Director role.

BIO-OIL SKINCARE OIL / Rebrand and global packaging roll out. 

Rebranded with the goal to create a timeless look that maintained both customer recognition and its medicinal feel. The principle Bio-Oil logo was reworked to create a solid identity and approachability; wordmark font was updated and the icon shaped and weighted the same for consistency. Product information was brought onto the outside of the box and around the bottle. Use of Pantone Orange 021 was continued but balanced with a reduced palette.

A robust logo lock-up and the design of a packaging design/artwork blueprint was created to ensure the crucial consistency across size and multiple/dual language variants.

BIO-OIL DRY SKIN GEL / Design, brand implementation and global packaging rollout.

Designed to be consistent with the original Bio-Oil product yet be functional for the new medium. For consistency, the Bio-Oil colour palette and rebranded logo were used, alongside the simple addition of the text ‘Dry Skin Gel’ in Helvetica Light.

For functionality, a vessel with no secondary packaging was adopted. However, with less space to utilise, use of a peel and read label was chosen so to allow for consistency of appearance across all language variants.

Very successfully launched in 2018 and immediately awarded the prestigious accolade, Les Victoires De La Beaute. 

Above: Before and after the redesigned branding and packaging.

Branding and packaging design specialist / Creative Director

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