Identity and packaging design for Woolworths, one of South Africas most respected retailers. Over the seven year period as the creative director at CTTC design, Todd worked in a collaborative, B2B relationship with Woolworths on many significant private label ranges within the retailers beauty and homeware departments.

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The collaboration with Woolworths also meant working alongside some of the industries most respected designers and studios. The redesigned corporate identity was created by the late Massimo Vigenelli and the implementation of the brand was spearheaded by Australia's Frost design.

Todd’s experience with Woolworths was an incredibly prolific and inspirational one, working with many talented people that over the years became far more than simply a client.

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Chromatically, it was important for the products to represent the vibrancy and culture of the African continent and so rich tones of orange, yellow and dark brown were balanced alongside lighter shades of green and purple. Jar shapes resemble traditional clay pots with the African inspired ingredients screen-printed to the outside. The two-phase bath oil beautifully represents an African sunset while the tubes take on a rich earthy feel.


Initially briefed to create a packing solution for soap that could be offered in a vast array of design styles – traditional, decorative, classical, modern, abstract and typographic – the result was a visual feast for the consumer. From a number of different packaging solutions that were sourced, the concept of using tins was chosen for the Christmas Soap Shop, becoming the best selling seasonal gift in 2011. Each soap variant stood out from the rest, appealing to a different type of buyer.

Following on this success, and to run alongside the continued post-seasonal Soap Shop, a Hand & Nail Shop was developed. A similar level of variation in design was achieved, and housed within a silver metal-appearance tube. A clever Point of Sale unit was designed to allow the Hand & Nail creams to stand up whilst displayed in store, further adding to the dramatic visual that the two ‘shops’ created.



A vibrant floral and illustrative style, combined with modern packaging, was used to appeal to a wide demographic of mothers on Mother’s Day, and women in general following the celebration day. 

A perception of quality was added through the use of glass and the framing of product titles and descriptions in a rich purple panel. This also ensured prominence against the bright floral backdrop. Folded carton box technology, with lids replaced with PET windows, ensured visibility of the products, giving it a stunning shelf appearance, and also adhering to Woolworths ecological principles.


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