Briefed to explore evolutionary to revolutionary design concepts that have a greater on shelf impact and increased sense of modernity, the Status core brand identity was the initial focus of the project.

A number of routes were explored but the chosen design saw a simple leveling of the perimeter of the letters, thus reducing the serif and giving increased stability to the ‘S’. This contemporary redesign also initiates a feeling of increased masculinity and strength, whilst also maintain brand loyalty and recognition.

Use of the updated brand on the packing was extensively explored. Vertical use of the logo, to increase perceived size of the packaging, was trialed as an option. The final design sees the ‘S’ from the branding as architecture, alongside the brand logo, in full, in the upper space and the fragrance, balanced below, in a solid block. Bold use of colour used alongside a graduated pattern element differentiates between variants. After consideration of different finishes, inks and print techniques, a matte finish was chosen for the final product. The outcome is a revolutionary, eye-catching design.

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Scope of project: Branding and packaging design concept and redesign. 




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