The Trepadora range specialises in products for wavy, curly and tightly spiralled hair. It is infused with Inca Inchi Oil, which has been used by the indigenous people of the Amazon for thousands of years. 

Inspiration for the Trepadora branding was taken from the Inca Inchi vine, which produces a star-shaped pod that encases its precious seeds. It was important for the design to capture the essence of the products unique, organic ingredients and its intense moisturising properties. 

 To create a professional haircare system, the packaging uses a sectioned typographic device that can be used both horizontally and vertically. Icons were created to direct the consumer to each of the products benefits.

Airless packaging was chosen to reinforce the ranges environmentally responsible stance, which also included donating a portion of its profits to the Peru Children’s trust.

Below you can see version one of Todd's Trepadora design that featured beautifully rendered line drawings, carefully positioned above the bold and edgy shape of vibrant colour, creating an eye catching shelf presence.

A serif type style (Perpetua) was also used across both the copy and the brand icon within the first release of the design whilst Pantone 4735 added consistency across the colour palette.

The range was changed in it's second release to a more abstracted style, shown below. Removing the illustrations and using san serif typography created a more modern looking product. The brand icon was simplified and the overall brand colour was darkened to Pantone 412.

Scroll through the carousel below to view some of the range development.

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Scope of project: Branding and packaging design (concept through to final artwork), stationary, design consultation




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